What Can We Expect From The Future?

The data center industry is thriving, but all too often, our planet and society are paying the price. Businesses are struggling to implement plans to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2019 is almost over, and we especially want to review this year in our memories.  It all began with the announcement of the joint venture with Skellefteå Kraft, a leading Swedish energy provider. Through the

How do we do more with less?

The continued drive for increased data center capacity is showing no signs of slowing down, subsequently requiring more resources to keep pace. The struggle to put in place adequate resources

Your Next Data Center Project in the FLAP!

To reduce the time from design to operations, we always keep a portfolio of sites ready for development. In addition to the sites already available in Munich and northern Sweden, we announce a new site in

Will your Data Center Meet the Need for Sustainability?

Digitalization, exponential tech, and artificial intelligence are continuously driving the demand for data center capacities. Studies predict that data centers and telecommunication infrastructure will soon be responsible for consuming more

Location, Location, Location…

What makes or breaks a data center project? Power? Connectivity? Source of energy? Energy efficiency? Cooling technology? Sustainability? Without a doubt, all these aspects strongly impact the project. The most critical one