Would you agree that drastically lowering power consumption in your business would give you a huge financial edge and have great environmental benefits?
If yes, you’ll want to check out why only an ultra-energy efficient data center can meet the high demands in the next decades. The data center needs of modern companies will continue to grow exponentially, therefore requiring ever more power. A great need for socially and environmentally sustainable data centers has already arrived.

The question is not if your company needs a highly energy efficient solution, but rather when.

We are proud share with you our latest success: Project MARIE, which uses 90% less energy for cooling and achieves a leading edge PUE of 1.07.

Find out how the technology works: munich-datacenterpark.com

This is just the beginning. Optimizing the way data centers work will radically lower your company’s costs and prepare you for the inevitable demand for larger data processing needs.

Here’s some highlights of Project MARIE:

  • Our centers require 30% less space and 50% less building volume, and will double your computing power on the spot.
  • Due to a highly experienced team and fine-tuned scheduling, construction time is reduced by 50%.
  • By using balance sheet neutral financing and full-service leasing, your TCO is lowered by 50%.

For more information about this exciting project, visit our site: munich-datacenterpark.com