NDC Data Centers

Patented Cooling Technology and Cutting-Edge Technical Design for Data Centers Ready in Half the Time and at Half the Cost

Our standardized construction, optimized project schedules, lean construction and takt-planning methods reduce risk, time to market and investment costs in all our data center projects.

We offer green, sustainable and energy efficient data centers with the goal of drastically reducing the resource requirement for building and operating a data center.

We can achieve these goals by integrating award-winning proprietary cooling technology with future-proof and standardized, prefabricated architecture.

NDC is a data center technology business with a real estate arm.

Thanks to the partnership with GARBE Industrial Real Estate, one of the key players in the industrial real estate business in Europe, NDC can offer pre-qualified and secured sites, which can be used as a data center location in your projects.

NDC Data Centers GmbH is part of the AQAL Group, a multi-family conglomerate that invests in integral sustainability. Its core guiding principle is multiple-bottom-line investing: The Parity of People, Planet and Profit — with Passion and Purpose.

Supported by the investments of the family office of Nixdorf and AQAL AG, NDC collaborates with experienced partners to offer the best possible solution for designing and building your data center. NDC links people and companies with high as well as necessary expertise in the areas of data center technologies, construction, project management, energy procurement, efficiency, and energy and infrastructure management.

In 2019 NDC jointly entered the Swedish market together with Skellefteå Kraft, an energy company wholly owned by the Skellefteå Municipality. From now on, the data center projects based in Sweden will benefit from NDC’s technology and data center expertise combined with Skellefteå Kraft’s knowledge and access to renewable energy.


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Addressing Four UN SDGs

We believe that climate change is the most pressing global challenge, constituting an existential threat to humanity. We follow an integral and sustainable philosophy addressing four UN SDGs in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainable economic growth, resilient and sustainable infrastructure, innovation, and sustainable production patterns.

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