through a whole system design approach

Digitization is becoming more and more essential for a large number of industries and the lives of many of us. Together with our customers, we want to continue facilitating digitization in a responsible way.

At NDC Data Centers, we address four UN SDGs in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainable economic growth, resilient and sustainable infrastructure, and sustainable production patterns.

Furthermore, we implement a whole system design approach with life-cycle assessments in all our projects. The ultimate example of this approach is in our patented solution: the NDC Cube.

At NDC Data Centers, we strive to enable digitization within the planetary boundaries.

Our aim is to decouple the growth of IT demand from its energy and resource requirement.

Our story begins like most science fiction movies...

...with a professor in a lab! But it is not science fiction. It actually happened at the CERN particle accelerator where Prof. Dr. Volker Lindenstruth researched back in the first decade of this century.

He faced a number of challenges that everyone working in the data center industry knows very well:
• low budgets
• high power requirements, and
• fast completion demands.

While no solution on the market seemed to be able to cope with his special requirements, he simply developed his own … a unique combination of cooling technology and building design that is now at the core of the NDC Cube. The underlying patents are today owned and commercialized by NDC IP Holding.

Coming from the technology side, we soon discovered that data centers are closer situated to real estate than one might consider. As a result, NDC Data Centers partnered with GARBE Industrial Real Estate, one of the key players in the industrial real estate business in Europe. By doing so, we can now offer a game-changer combination of technology and real estate know-how within a single company: NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe.

But there’s still more to come … stay tuned!

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