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Thanks to its innovative cooling concept and building design, the NDC Cube provides remarkable energy and space efficiency compared to conventional technologies. Through standardization, modularization, and pre-fabrication, the NDC Cube extends its advantages adding sustainability, shorter time to market and significant savings in terms of CAPEX and OPEX to the equation.

Cooling Efficiency

The increasing need for energy efficiency and power densities in the racks are challenging the current solutions available in the market. Our patented cooling technology not only increases the cooling efficiency, but also allows an increased power density up to 3.3 times. Furthermore, such cooling technology does not require an extensive white space. Projects have shown us the potential to reduce the building size by up to 50% with greater benefits in terms of environmental footprint, material required, and construction time.

Building Design

To reduce the time from design to operations, we offer a standardized design that reduces complexity and cost.

Conscious use of recyclable building materials enables further the ability to reduce CO2 emissions during construction helping you to meet your sustainable goals. Simplistic steel construction, inspired by the design of high bay warehouse solutions in Germany, can achieve 50% lower environmental impact (greenhouse potential) over the entire life cycle (20 years), and 73% lower environmental impact (greenhouse potential) of building execution.


Delivery Process

Steel lends well to standardization and off-site prefabrication. By combining this material with modular building design, it is possible to reduce construction time on site and reach a better deployment efficiency. In combination with lean construction methodology and extreme scheduling, further economic benefits can be reached: reduced risks, lower investment, and shorter ready-for-service time.

This approach to deployment together with the digitalization of the whole process lead to easily scalable solutions.

Advantages of the NDC Cube


Global Warming


Lifecycle costs


Operational cost


Higher power density


Building volume

The NDC Cube is based on the patented cube technology, successfully tried and trusted since 2010...

Green IT Cube

Location: Darmstadt
Constr. time:
 9 mos.
Size: 12 MW
PUE: 1.07


Location: Frankfurt a.M.
Constr. time: 6 mos.
Size: 0,5 MW
PUE: 1.07

Univ. of Heidelberg

Location: Heidelberg
Constr. time: 12 mos.
Size: 1 MW
PUE: 1.12

GSI Mini Cube

Location: Darmstadt
Constr. time: 6 mos.
Size: 1.8 MW
PUE: <1.07


Location: Germany
Constr. time: 9 mos.
Size: 3.75 MW
PUE: 1.15

Kubus IT

Location: Bayreuth
Constr. time: 12 mos.
Size: 2 MW
PUE: <1.3

Awards and References for our Technology

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