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At NDC Data Centers, we strive to enable digitalization within the planetary boundaries. Our goal is to decouple the growth of IT demand from its energy and resource requirement.


To reach our goal, we are taking a holistic approach looking at innovative cooling technology, system construction through modular building design, usage of green materials, end of life considerations, digitization of the value chain, lean process management throughout the planning, construction and operation cycle, whole-system thinking linking into Smart City design, and organizational design according to exponential principles and Teal Management.


Awards and References for the Technology

With its patented and award-winning concept, NDC Data Centers focus on optimizing the environmental footprint of their data centers and is already achieving impressive results at lighthouse projects in Frankfurt and Munich.

Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP

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About NDC Data Centers

We are a technology provider that integrates award-winning proprietary cooling technology with cutting edge technical design.

Our patented cooling technology and standardized design solution will allow you to achieve a significant contribution to climate protection, but also to reduce risk, time-to-market and investment costs. Our technology and design solution is ideally suited to achieve standardization in the construction process and implement takt time planning methods.

Looking for a Data Center Site in Europe?

Thanks to the partnership with GARBE Industrial Real Estate, one of the key players in the industrial real estate business in Europe, we can offer you pre-qualified and secured sites, which can be used as a data center location in your next projects. Moreover, NDC-GARBE can support you in every phase of the project development from the planning to the permitting phase, through to the execution of the entire project with different financing options.


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