Digitalization, exponential tech, and artificial intelligence are continuously driving the demand for data center capacities. Studies predict that data centers and telecommunication infrastructure will soon be responsible for consuming more than 10 percent of the global electric power.

Will your data center meet the future worldwide need for green and sustainability?

Green and sustainable are often used interchangeably, but there are several differences between them. A “green” data center is not always “sustainable.”

A green design includes building for energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. A data center is green when it reduces the footprint it leaves on the natural environment and on the health of its inhabitants. The concept of sustainability sets a higher standard than those used to define a green building. Sustainable products reduce the impact on the environment by using responsibly sourced products, meaning those that are either completely renewable or sustainably harvested.

With our patented and award-winning concept, we focus on optimizing the environmental footprint of our data centers and we are proud to share with you the results of a report recently released by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP.

The review evaluated an external assessment of two critical features required for data centers, namely the Life Cycle Assessment of the Environmental Impact (LCA) and the Life Cycle Costs (LCC). In both criteria, the NDC Data Centers’ innovative and proprietary approach was more than 2X better compared with the current industry standard excluding the energy consumption of the servers.
The research results yielded:

  • 50 percent lower environmental impact (greenhouse potential) over the entire life cycle (20 years);
  • 73 percent lower environmental impact (greenhouse potential) of building execution (harvesting of resources, transportation, construction); and
  • 50 percent lower life cycle costs.

In addition to numerous awards and prizes, our solution is confirmed yet again by an independent and world-renowned research institution. At a time where data centers are taking up more and more space, energy and resources, our ultra-energy-efficient approach provides a significant contribution to the market and the environment.

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