To reduce the time from design to operations, we always keep a portfolio of sites ready for development. In addition to the sites already available in Munich and northern Sweden, we announce a new site in Hanau, a city located east of the Data Center Hub, Frankfurt.

The main characteristics of the project are resilience and low-cost data center space with high-energy efficiency; a flexible and modular design, and a standardized, fast-track delivery model. 

In addition to standardized construction, optimized project schedules, lean construction and takt-planning methods, the existing infrastructure of power and fiber already available on site reduce time and risk when building the data center.

Frankfurt is a key interconnection point for Europe and a primary data center hub making it one of the best places to be

The location has perfect conditions for a data center. The attractiveness of the “WOLFGANG” Data Center Park is based on its proximity to the DECIX Frankfurt, approx. 20 km and a latency of 0.2 ms

The site is already equipped with a 10 MW redundant MV connection, and can be upgraded to 40 MW within 12 months. The total extendable capacity has been determined with 100 MW and more.

“WOLFGANG” Data Center Park is ready for development. First come, first serve!

See you in the FLAP! 

More information about the “WOLFGANG” Data Center Park here