What makes or breaks a data center project?

Power? Connectivity? Source of energy? Energy efficiency? Cooling technology? Sustainability?

Without a doubt, all these aspects strongly impact the project. The most critical one is the data center location. No surprise – it’s like any other real estate project.

The construction of a data center is highly regulated, and nothing can be left to chance. Finding the perfect location could take a long time and, as a consequence, strongly impact your business in terms of time, agility and risk.

At NDC we believe that it is our job to find the best sites for your data center.

As of May 2018, we offer German locations in Munich (Project Marie), Frankfurt, and Berlin. In addition, we are proud to also announce the availability of sites in Sweden: sites with 100% power from renewable sources, excellent connectivity, and plenty of space to meet any data center needs. In combination with our patented water-cooling technology, these optimum conditions for ultra-energy-efficient and sustainable data centers are suitable for classic and HPC applications.

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