Fast, Cheap and Green! As more and larger data centers are being built worldwide, NDC’s approach is 2X better compared with the current industry standard.

Munich, November 21, 2018. NDC Data Centers GmbH announced today that in a recently released review report, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP confirmed the significant savings in energy, resources, and cost of the NDC Data Centers technologies.

The review evaluated an external assessment of two critical features required for data centers, namely, the Life Cycle Assessment of the Environmental Impact (LCA)and the Life Cycle Costs (LCC). In both criteria, the NDC Data Centers’ innovative and proprietary approach was more than 2x better compared with the current industry standard. This scenario does not consider the energy consumption of the IT hardware.

The research results yielded a 50 percent lower environmental impact (greenhouse potential) over the entire life cycle (20 years), a 73 percent lower environmental impact (greenhouse potential) of building execution (harvesting of resources, transportation, construction), and 50 percent lower life cycle costs.

Spyridon Linardakis, CEO of NDC Data Centers GmbH said: “In addition to numerous awards and prizes, our solution is confirmed yet again by an independent and world-renowned research institution. At a time where data centers are taking up more and more space, energy and resources, our ultra-energy-efficient approach provides a significant contribution to the market and the environment.”

Digitalization, exponential tech, and artificial intelligence are continuously driving the demand for data center capacities. Studies predict that data centers and telecommunication infrastructure will soon be responsible for consuming more than 10 percent of the global electric power. With its patented and award-winning concept, NDC Data Centers focus on optimizing the environmental footprint of their data centers and is already achieving impressive results at lighthouse projects in Frankfurt and Munich.


NDC Data Centers GmbH is disrupting the data center market with its innovative technology and business model. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, it integrates award-winning proprietary cooling technology with future-proof architecture, cutting-edge technical design, and lean construction project delivery methods. NDC Data Centers GmbH is part of the AQAL Group (, a multi-family conglomerate that invests in integral sustainability. Its core guiding principle is multiple-bottom-line investing: the Parity of People, Planet and Profit — with Passion and Purpose. NDC was founded and is led by technologists, investors, and strategists with a passion for and have a successful track record in the global data center market (see

Building physics is one of the keys to a successful building project. The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP focuses its work on research, development, testing, demonstration and consulting in the various fields of building physics. These include noise control and sound insulation in buildings, the optimization of acoustics in indoor spaces, solutions for improving energy efficiency and optimizing lighting technology. They also include issues related to climate control and the indoor environment, hygiene and health protection, building material emissions, weatherproofing and protection against heat and moisture, preservation of building structures and the conservation of historical monuments. The institute employs life cycle engineering methods to analyze the potential environmental, social and technical impacts of products, services and processes. This enables the evaluation and the implementation of lasting improvements towards sustainability and fosters the innovation processes (see

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    NDC Data Centers GmbH - Pressemitteilung

    Schnell, günstig und grün! Ein Prüfbericht bestätigt das durchschlagende Konzept des NDC Data Centers
    Während immer mehr und größere Rechenzentren weltweit gebaut werden, ist NDCs Vorgehensweise im Vergleich mit dem aktuellen Industrie- Standard zweimal besser

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    NDC Data Centers GmbH Press Communication

    Fast, cheap and green! A review report confirmed the NDC Data Centers’ disruptive concept
    As more and larger data centers are being built worldwide, NDC’s approach is 2x better compared with the current industry-standard