Partners combine competencies in data center technology and real estate to serve the data center market in Europe.

Hamburg/Munich, 04 October 2019. GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH (Hamburg) and the data center specialist, NDC Data Centers GmbH (Munich) have joined their competencies in a joint venture. The goal of the newly established company, NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe GmbH, is to develop sustainable data centers for the European market. The joint venture offers a replicable solution which seamlessly bundles all processes from site sourcing to fast delivery. The concept is established as the “factory for data centers” serving hyperscalers, wholesalers and colocation companies, as well as large corporate owners of data centers.

With the joint venture, we consistently follow our diversification strategy, thereby creating an effective and financially sound vehicle with distinct data center and real estate competencies” explains Christopher GARBE, CEO and shareholder of GARBE Industrial Real Estate.

The partner is anticipating great development potential based on the patented and verified technology concept, which reduces construction time, energy as well as resource consumption. As models indicate, through rapid growth, the data center market will consume 10% of worldwide energy by 2030.

In its development of data centers, the joint venture will benefit from the well-established project development knowledge of GARBE Industrial Real Estate and the access to its landbank“, says Spyridon Linardakis, CEO and shareholder of NDC Data Centers.  

This unique partnership allows development beyond individual data centers resulting in an over-arching EDGE infrastructure. Peter Pohlschroeder, Managing Director Real Estate Development of NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe is convinced “that we are in pole position at the right time for the growing market. Our project sites are perfect. The increased ability to perform and the availability of sites will further reduce the delivery time significantly“.

NDC Data Centers aims to provide resource efficient data centers by decoupling the increasing demand on energy and resource footprint. The patented and internationally recognised technology allows energy savings from cooling of up to 90%, compared to the conventional approach. A review report of the Fraunhofer Institute has confirmed the solution’s performance and as it can be more densely packed, there is the potential to reduce building footprint by 50%. This results in up to 30% reduced CAPEX and 50% OPEX, not to speak of the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%.

The bundling of competencies in technology, real estate, energy market and management through a whole systems approach opens an amazing potential to not only deliver ultra-efficient data centers, but also deliver this fast and in a cost attractive manner” explains Dr. Martin Wilderer, Managing Director Strategy & Business Development of NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe. “In combination with our efforts to digitize and modularise the supply chain, we are on a good path towards our vision of a data center on demand“.  

With the recently established SPV Nordic Data Centers in Swedish Skellefteå and the recent procurement of sites in Frankfurt and Munich, the newly established NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe GmbH shows great promise on track for European expansion. 

About GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH
GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH headquartered in Hamburg is a leading provider and manager of logistics and corporate real estate in Germany. With its 25-year track record, the company is one of the most prominent and independent cooperation partners in the transport, logistics, trade and manufacturing sectors. GARBE industrial Real Estate GmbH develops, procures, sells and leases, operates and finances high value assets in attractive national and international logistic and industrial locations. With 143 objects totalling about 4 mil. square meters footprint in 115 locations and across three countries, GARBE Industrial Real Estate has €2.5 billion assets under management. (Website:

About NDC Data Centers GmbH
The Munich based NDC Data Centers GmbH strives to enable digitization within the planetary boundaries. We are aiming to decouple the growth of IT demand from its energy and resource requirement.
An innovative technology and business model revolutionize the data center market as it not only offers a significant contribution to climate protection, but also technology at significantly lower cost and faster delivery. NDC integrates award-winning proprietary cooling technology with future-proof architecture, cutting edge technical design, and lean construction project delivery methods. 
NDC Data Centers GmbH is part of the AQAL Group (see:, a multi-family office that invests in integral sustainability. Its core guiding principle is multiple-bottom-line investing: the Parity of People, Planet and Profit — with Passion and Purpose. NDC was founded and is led by technologists, investors, and strategists with a passion for and a successful track record in the global data center market (see: