Data Center as a Service

We realize cost-effective construction and operation through sustainability at the technological, commercial and building level.

We Offer Sites for your Data Center

We always keep a portfolio of sites ready for development. To reduce the time from design to operations, we pre-select, pre-qualify, secure and prepare sites, which can be used as a data center location in your project. 

We Plan and Design your Data Center

Standardized construction and optimized project schedules reduce risk and investment costs when building your data center. To reduce the time from design to operations, we offer a standardised design that can be tailored to costumers' needYour NDC projects are completed on time and with resource-saving methods.

We Build your Data Center in 6 Months

We offer you a future-proof architecture and cutting-edge technical design. We use well-rehearsed lean construction and takt planning methods, and we use pre-fabricated components assembled on site with minimum time-requirement to build a multi-level white space. Our awarded concept for patented water cooling technology and simple and compact design reduces the space and volume requirements of your data centers.

We Manage your Data Center

Thanks to our resilient design concept, we guarantee the highest availability and data center uptime. However, to make sure everything is running smoothly and at its best, we assist you with the facility management to keep your data center operational and uptime 24/7. We take care of the maintenance of the technical and the infrastructure, and of the security of your data center.

We Finance and Lease your Data Center

With a NDC Data Center, you will profit from flexible financing models. Your financial benefits are extended to every phase of the project and beyond. Through NDC, you can lease data center infrastructure without using your own capital investments. You can reduce your OpEx and CapEx reaching 50% lower TCO.


Standardized construction, optimized project schedules, lean construction and takt planning methods reduce risk and investment costs when building your data center. Your NDC projects are completed on time and with resource-saving methods.

  • Use of prefabricated modules
  • Majority of construction takes place in a factory
  • Quick assembly on site
  • Shorter preparation period
  • Lower construction costs

Award-Winning and Patented Concept for
Innovative Water Cooling and
Revolutionary Design

Patented Water Cooling Technology

The patented cooling technology in a NDC ultra-energy-efficient data center uses water to transport heat from the whitespace to the cooling source. Once its temperature is reduced, the water is fed back into the system. The technology at a glance:

  • Proprietary water cooling
  • Heat absorption directly at the rack
  • Heat dissipation through heat exchange doors or coils
  • No additional ventilation elements and cooling components in the whitespace
  • Operation without mechanical cooling possible though use of cooling units
  • Use of industry-standard components

Simple and Compact Design

The licensed eCube technology reduces the space and volume requirements of your data centers. Build a data center that stands out due to its compact design, large range of rack placement options and extended operating conditions!

  • Whitespace made from steel, similar design to high bay storage
  • No cold and warm aisles necessary
  • No enclosures
  • Installation without double floors possible
  • Low ceiling: rack height + 1 m
  • Back-to-back set up of the racks

A Revolutionary & Disruptive Concept for Data Centers

Patented Cooling Technology

Water transports heat from the whitespace to the cooling source, and is then fed back into the system.

30% Less Space Requirement

50% Less Building Volume

90% Less Energy for Cooling

300% Higher Power Density

Financial Benefits

Flexible delivery models allow for individual, customer-oriented combinations of real estate, technical infrastructure and energy services. The off-balance-sheet model includes full service leasing with facility management and energy services.

50% Lower Total Cost of Ownership

50% Shorter Construction Time

Thanks to NDC’s patented water-cooling technology and disruptive concept, our approach is up to 2x better compared with the current industry-standard

In a recently released review report, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP confirmed the significant savings in energy, resources, and cost of the NDC Data Centers technologies.

The review evaluated an external assessment of two critical features required for data centers, namely the Life Cycle Assessment of the Environmental Impact (LCA) and the Life Cycle Costs (LCC). In both criteria, the NDC Data Centers’ innovative and proprietary approach was more than 2x better compared with the current industry-standard. This scenario does not consider the energy consumption of the IT Hardware.

The research results yielded a 50 percent lower environmental impact (greenhouse potential) over the entire life cycle (20 years), a 73 percent lower environmental impact (greenhouse potential) of building execution (harvesting of resources, transportation, construction), and 50 percent lower life cycle costs.

In addition to numerous awards and prizes, our solution is confirmed yet again by an independent and world-renowned research institution. At a time where data centers are taking up more and more space, energy and resources, our ultra-energy-efficient approach provides a significant contribution to the market and the environment

Spyridon Linardakis Spyridon Linardakis
CEO, NDC Data Centers

Awards and References for the Technology

Discover Project MARIE

With its patented and award-winning concept, NDC Data Centers focus on optimizing the environmental footprint of their data centers and is already achieving impressive results at lighthouse projects in Frankfurt and Munich.

Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP

Munich Data Center Park, Project MARIE

With excellent connectivity, an unlimited high power supply, a revolutionary PUE of 1.07 and a beautiful cultural hub nearby – find out how you can profit from Munich's Data Center Park.

Learn about MARIE

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