Skellefteå Data Center Park


Project “VICTORIA” is located in Finnfors outside of Skellefteå (Northern Sweden). It is going to be one of Sweden’s largest data center parks powered by 100% renewable energy.

The attractiveness of the “VICTORIA” Data Center Park is based on its efficiency and sustainability. The site is supplied by electricity from 100% renewable sources such as wind and hydro power. In collaboration with Skellefteå Kraft, we are planning a gradual expansion of this data center park, with the goal of reaching a capacity of 120 MW. The vast plot size and available capacity make this location especially attractive for cloud providers. The main characteristics of the project are resilience and low-cost data center space with high energy efficiency, a flexible and modular design, and a standardized, fast-track delivery model. NDC’s “one-stop shop” offering complements the benefits of “VICTORIA”.

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